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How To Boost Up Your RAM Speed

RAMBooster monitors the bulk of RAM your arrangement is application and allows you to chargeless it up. This will let your PC run smoother and faster, and you won't accept to reboot as often. It will adviser the anamnesis at all times, and if the bulk of chargeless RAM gets too low, it will automatically addition it for you, award bare RAM and abiding it to the chargeless pool. Rambooster is a software that helps you optimize your RAM.
RAMBooster will as well adviser your CPU usage. Includes replaced CPU-infotext with a gauge. RB now consistently minimizes to the tray instead of taskbar or tray. The GUI looks about like the old GUI, to accomplish things easier for those who accept acclimated RAMBooster for years. Supports RAM up to 9999 MB instead of antecedent 99. Help-file problems fixed. Fixed conflicts with CPU-usage meter. Aswell some dial-up arrangement acquired to CPU-reading to benumb to 0%. This allotment has aswell been rewritten. Allows alone one instance of the program. Lots of cipher optimization, airy to users. It is bettter, faster, and added reliable now.
Features of "Rambooster Bilton":
  • Shows the bulk of chargeless Ram all the time
  • Free/Postcardware
  • Option to autolaunch at Windows start-up
  • Option to alpha minimized
  • Sits in the system-tray and/or taskbar
  • Sound furnishings accessible (You can alter the originals with your own soundfiles)
  • User authentic alarm-level
  • Selectable bulk of ram to chargeless at alarm-level
  • User defineable retry-count
  • Possibility to reboot Windows
  • Possibility to restart Windows after rebooting
  • A popup-menu on icon, all the important ambience can be done application it
  • Shows chargeless ram on icon-mouse-over
  • NEW : Optional Cpu-monitor aswell with XP/NT
  • Option to run alone if Cpu-usage is beneath user-defineable limit
  • NEW: Full abutment for XP Themes
  • Requires accession (Installation available)
  • Requires a appropriate uninstallation-routine if InstallShield is not acclimated NO
  • Accession amalgamation available
  • Accession amalgamation contains Uninstall support
  • Chargeless user abutment available
  • Completely rewritten, still aforementioned acceptable old GUI

Download here :

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