How To Fix Google and Yahoo Redirect Problem

Can't search with Google or Yahoo! search engine? Your browser keep redirect you to other site? Such as below screenshot. 

This is a how to remove Google or Yahoo! redirects. If you are searching something on Google or Yahoo! search engine and keep you get the wrong page, this is just right for you. Follow this super simple trick steps : 

How To Hide Folders in Nokia / Java Phones Without Software

Want to hide folders in your phone? Here is very interesting how-to for you to hide folders in your phone without the need of any software.This trick can be used for Nokia,Samsung, Motorola, LG and others. But to perform this trick, your phone should support Java.

How To Add a Reply Button To Blogger Comments

Many websites has this comfort of replying for the comments they get, where the replies go right behind the one you are replying. In blogger this facility was not there with the default templates and even with some custom templates.  If you want to add reply button, follow these steps.

How To Add "Read More" To Blogger

If you use customize blogger template other than default blogger template, sometime there is no "Read More" option. So, let's follow this how-to.

How To Remove Your Blogger Navbar

Do you want your blog looks more professional without blogger Navigation bar or so called Navbar?

This is Blogger Nagivation Bar.

You can remove it. It's easy. Follow these steps :

How To Add Shoutbox On Your Blog

Shoutbox is important for your to let your visitor chat with blog owner or other visitor. With shoutbox, you also can visit your visitor back by hit their URL. So, let's start how to add Shoutbox to your blog.

How To Add Customize Poll To Blogger

Blogger already have a poll widget, but it's an ordinary poll widget. It's look similar and not so interesting. If you want a customize poll, you can use free poll widget.