How To Bypass Links in Google Chrome

In the previously, we shared tutorial to bypass shortening service links such in Mozilla Firefox browser. Now, you can bypass links in Google Chrome too. Hey, why don't you register with You can earn money by shrink your links. Register with here. And if someone use this method to bypass links, it still be count into your account. :D

1. Install this add-on for Chrome - Click here

2. Done! You can try it by go to this see if it's work. -

Now, you don't need to wait 5 second and click on the "Skip Ad". It will redirect you to targeted link. Enjoy!

How To Bypass, AdFoc, Ityim, Linkbucks Etc Links in Mozilla Firefox

As we know, is one of the most popular shortening link service which chosen by user all around the world to earn some money. Undoubtedly it is really good to earn monthly income for me as user of service. I highly recommend you to register with Read this guide to register with

But visitors hate this shortening link because have to wait for some time before redirect to the actual link. Also have to click on skip ad button. Now you can bypass links from shortening service such as, AdFoc, ityim, linkbucks, urlcash, adcraft etc in Firefox browser. Let's know how!

1. Install Greasemonkey add-on. Click here.

2. After that, install user script which is script to bypass those shortening link service.

3. Install AdsFight! userscript for Greasemonkey, Click here. (click Install on the right of the page)

Now you've done. You can try if it's work by click this links --> Skipper
1. If you are looking for a dedicated Firefox extension which does the work of skipping ads automatically without installing Greasemonkey.

2. Just install Skipper

Note: Your links still will be count into your account if someone using this method to bypass your links. Win! :)

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