How To Hide Sidebar and Footer in Blogger Post or Pages

We alerady know what is post or entry. But some still don't know what is Static pages. Static Page is a new function introduced by to its user. You want to know more about these Pages. Read about it here. What Are Pages?

Now you would have more understood about the Pages. The function is very useful to bloggers. Are you thinking to make a static page without the sidebar and footer? Just wanna put your big nice picture? or your favorite video? If so, you may do so by following this tutorial.

Let start :

How To Download All Photo in Facebook Photo Album

Facebook has a function to gather photo in an album. You can add and categorize your photos by albums you want. You wanna download the photos in a photo album? Download all pictures in the photo album at once using the add-on is known as facePAD (Facebook Photo Album Downloader). You can download your own photo album, a friend or fan page. You can download photo album that you want to use facePAD.

To download the photos in Facebook Photo Album, install FacePAD add-on : 

1. Go to any photo album that you want to download, then right click on the Photo Album link, then click on "Download Album with FacePAD" option.


2. A window will pop-up asking to choose a directory/folder where you would like save the photos.

3. Then, the photo album will be downloaded. Photos will be rename according to the photo album.

note : May downloading process will hang for a second to download large file album as it searches through the Facebook album. Then, it will start downloading immediately.

Video tutorial by the Add-on creator :

Enjoy guys! 

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How To Add Popular Post Widget by is becoming more popular and the bloggers choice who want to use the blog for free. As they getting huge and popular, were providing new services to its users, including the latest is Popular Posts Widget. This widget will show you the best  or most popular entries viewed by your blog visitors. You wanna add this widget? Just follow these steps :

How To Insert Faces in PES 2011


Are you fan of PES 2011? If yes, you would always want to keep updated with your PES 2011 includes the latest face of football players. You want to but do not know how? This tutorial will teach you how to embed the player faces in PES 2011.

Add Online Counter in Blogger

We do not know how many visitors to our blog at a time. This widget helps your visitors to find out how many other visitors who also visit your blog at the same time. You want to add the Online Counter widget on your blog? If you want to add this widget, follow this tutorial.

How To Save Password and Username in Mozilla Firefox

Wanna save your password and username because you want to format your computer or you have a new computer? A password will be lost if we reformat the computer or you can easily remember it. To make it easier to find or remember the password and username, HOW-TO HOUSE has two method to save it. Follow this tutorial :

Method 1 [Manual]

1. Go to My Computer

2. Go to this Directory :
C:\Users\YOUR COMPUTER NAME\AppData\Roaming

3. Copy  folder named "Mozilla". 

4. Keep the folder and put it in the same place [like above directory] after your  laptop formatted.

Method 2 [Tools]

1. Download this tool here or here.

2. Extract it.

3. Run it. It will show your USERNAME & PASSWORD DIRECTLY.

Now you can use your username and password on your formatted or new computer.

#If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave your comments. Your comments are very useful for the development of wisdom here in the HOW-TO HOUSE.

How To Change Author Name in Blogger

You have more than a blog and want you to want to change the name of the author on your other blog? because your name will appear the same on all your blogs. So to come up with a different name on every blog, you just need to follow this tutorial. It is easy and simple. Let's start :

How To Add Contact Me or Email Us Form in Blogger

Wanna get connected with your viewer? or receive any response by email form?  Add this form in your blog. You can use this simple form. It will directly send it to your email. The form is look something like this :

Just use this code below :

How To Create a Simple Button

If you want to make a some kind of button to be click by your visitor, you can make it a better one with this method. You not only use a hyperlink to direct your visitor to another site but with a better button, your URL link will look nice. It look something like this :

You only need this code :

Hack To Play Youtube Video at a Spesific time

When you wanna watch Youtube, some video you want to skip it until to the specific time. So, you can use this simple URL hack to do it. Just add a parameter at the end of the link, to indicate the minutes and seconds from which to start playing. This is the hack :

How To Make Blog Background Change Color Automatically

Do you want your blog background changing color automatically like a disco light? You can use this widget. With this widget, your blog background will have a different color. It will keep changing color.

:: DEMO ::

Wanna try it? Just this widget to HTML/JavaScript.

Remove Link Underlines in Blogger

When you hyperlink to a text in blogger, the link will appear with the underlines. Maybe it's nothing for you and it's look just normal. But some blogger like to customize their blog to make it look really nice and simple. So, you wanna get rid of it?

Steps :

How To Make Floating and Click to Appear Shoutbox in Blogger

Nowadays, blogger always want something new and fresh to express their blog. Including how the shoutbox appear. We already known the trick of hiding shoutbox on the side of the blog, but now you can use this new trick for shoutbox with CSS. This method make your shoutbox floating at the right top and click-to-appear. But to do this, you need a shoutbox. Read about How To Add Shoutbox On Your Blog

Wanna make your shoutbox just like that? Follow this steps :

How To Add Post Headlines Slider in Blogger

You wanna make something different with your blog? Wanna add post headlines slider? This widget is useful to attract your visitor with your other posts. It is just like a news headlines. With this widget, your post will automatically change every second nicely. 

Interested? You can use this widget just in 3 steps. Add this Post Headlines Slider on your blog by following this 3 steps :

How To Add Top Commenters Widget in Blogger

Now you can show your blog Top commenters or you can called they King Of Commenter. With this widget, you can encourage your visitors to leave their comments. Isn't that good? It's nice.

Add this widget by follow this tutorial. Steps :

How To Make Text Blink in Blogger

Some site like to make their text blink. This tutorial will teach you how to make text blink. Blinking text is useful trick to tell something like Winner of the Contest, your new brands or products, or anything you wanna make it blink. So, here we go :

How To Embed Youtube Video in Facebook Fan Page

This tutorial will teach you how to add Youtube video in your Facebook Fan Page. Now you can add your own video, product, your favorite music band, and many more to your Facebook fan page. If you want to do so, just follow this simple hack using Static FBML.

Add Related Posts Widget With Thumbnail in Blogger

Before this, HOW-TO HOUSE give you tutorial about Related Posts Widget, and this entry is about Related widget but with thumbnail. With this widget, your related posts will appear with it's thumbnail.

Add Related Posts Widget in Blogger

Before this, HOW-TO HOUSE had a tutorial to add Related Post Widget using LinkWithin, here. Now, if you want more stylish and look simple but professional, you can try to use this widget. This related articles will choose your other posts  from same category or labels. With this widget, your readers will remain in your blog as they wanted to read your other posts.

Let's start :

How To Put Google Adsense Under Post Title in Blogger

Many website including Pro site which had a Google Adsense ads place their code under Post title. You wanna do so? It's easy. Follow this steps :

1. Go to your Dashboard > Edit HTML > Check Expand Widget Templates.

2. Find this code :

3.  Paste this code above it :
&lt;b:if cond=&#39;data:blog.pageType == &amp;quot;item&amp;quot;&#39;&gt;

4. But, you need to parse your Google Adsense code. You can use this parser called "Postable" by Elliot Swan. 

Parse your Adsense Code HERE

5. Save your template. DONE!

How To Remove "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)" in Blogger

Want to get rid from Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) link at the bottom of your post entry? You can remove it by follow this step. Only 3 steps :

How To Create Text Box in Blogger

Do you want to add text box in blogger? Do you mean like this one?

You can use this code. Just follow this steps. Simple and easy.

How To Get Back To Old Facebook Interface

Facebook (FB) just update and renew their interface. Some said it nice. But some said not!. So, do you want to get back to Facebook old interface. Follow this steps :

How To Add Signature Below Post Entry in Blogger

You might want to add your signature below each of your blog posts.  This would be more personal for you and shows that you the author of the post or to make your posts looks nice and creative. So if you want to add a signature below your post, follow this steps :

How To Add Total Posts and Comments Widget Of Your Blog

Add Total Posts and Comments Widget Of Your Blog. The widget is look alike below screenshot.

You wanna add this widget on your blog. You can add this widget, just in 3 steps. Follow this steps :

How To Add Language Translator in Blogger

Try this widget to translate your blog to other language. Let your visitor read your blog in their own language. So, your visitor will feel more comfortable to read your blog content. It also can attract your visitor to keep reading your blog content. 

Let's follow this few steps :

How To Add Tooltip in Blogger

Add tooltip to your blog. What is tooltip?

Effect appear when you hover your cursor to the link is called tooltip. Now you can add to your blog this creative tooltip. So, let's start.

How To Add Comment Bubble In Blogger

Do you want to make your blog look different and nice? Add this comment bubble on your blog. You can add this widget in second. Follow this easy steps :

How To Add Hover Image in Blogger

Now you can hover image in blogger with this trick. You can add to your blog only with 4 steps. This is very simple and easy trick. So, let's start. 

Just follow this 4 steps :

How To Change Your Subscription Email Form For Blogger (RSS Feed)

Wanna customize your feeds e-mail subscription look? Make it look nice and beautiful with some style. Try to change it into something like this :

But, for proceeding this, make sure have burnt your feeds with So let's start our customization. Follow this steps :

How To Change "Post a Comment" Text of Blogger Comment Form

Post your Comment
Above your comment form, you can see "Post a Comment" text. Do you want to change it to another text like "Leave a comment", "Drop your words", "Give your feedback" ? If you like to replace it with your own creative text. Here is the steps :

How To Add Snow Effect on Blogger

Do you want to add a Falling Snow Effect at your blog. It's easy and you can have it with this very simple steps. Only in 3 steps :

How To Add Post Divider In Blogger

Wanna customize your post divider with more style ? HOW-TO HOUSE also customize the post divider. So, you can change it to your own page divider image or search an image at search engine, keyword  "post divider".

HOW-TO HOUSE post divider

Now, change yours. Follow this simple steps :

How To Fix Google and Yahoo Redirect Problem

Can't search with Google or Yahoo! search engine? Your browser keep redirect you to other site? Such as below screenshot. 

This is a how to remove Google or Yahoo! redirects. If you are searching something on Google or Yahoo! search engine and keep you get the wrong page, this is just right for you. Follow this super simple trick steps : 

How To Hide Folders in Nokia / Java Phones Without Software

Want to hide folders in your phone? Here is very interesting how-to for you to hide folders in your phone without the need of any software.This trick can be used for Nokia,Samsung, Motorola, LG and others. But to perform this trick, your phone should support Java.

How To Add a Reply Button To Blogger Comments

Many websites has this comfort of replying for the comments they get, where the replies go right behind the one you are replying. In blogger this facility was not there with the default templates and even with some custom templates.  If you want to add reply button, follow these steps.

How To Add "Read More" To Blogger

If you use customize blogger template other than default blogger template, sometime there is no "Read More" option. So, let's follow this how-to.

How To Remove Your Blogger Navbar

Do you want your blog looks more professional without blogger Navigation bar or so called Navbar?

This is Blogger Nagivation Bar.

You can remove it. It's easy. Follow these steps :

How To Add Shoutbox On Your Blog

Shoutbox is important for your to let your visitor chat with blog owner or other visitor. With shoutbox, you also can visit your visitor back by hit their URL. So, let's start how to add Shoutbox to your blog.

How To Add Customize Poll To Blogger

Blogger already have a poll widget, but it's an ordinary poll widget. It's look similar and not so interesting. If you want a customize poll, you can use free poll widget.


How to Add an Invite Friends Box to Your Fan Page [ FBML Tutorial ]

The best feature that Facebook has that any business can take advantage of, is the ability to allow your visors, customers, fan to share their interest in your company/brand/product with their friends. This ability to virally share can be leveraged to encourage your “fans” to “share” your fan page with others through the Facebook “multi-select” box. This can be implemented entirely within static FBML with just a few short lines of code.  The multi-select box will show the current users friend list, allowing them to select who they want to share the fan-page with when they click send. We recommend placing this box on a contest, call to action or “share” tab.

How To Take Screen Capture of Webpages in Firefox

The easiest way to take a screenshot of a Firefox window is to press the Print Screen key. This screen picture is copied to the Clipboard which can then be pasted in any graphic editor. But the Prnt Scrn key approach is quite limited since you cannot take screen captures of selected regions or a screenshot of a long webpage that scrolls across multiple pages.

Fortunately, there are some excellent screen capture extensions (.xpi) for Firefox that eliminate the need of third-party apps.

How To Send Your Blog URL to Search Engine

You want your blog can be crawl by others using search engine such as google, bing, and else? Send your URL here at Freewebsubmission URL submitter. Put your URL into this Submitter. So, you blog will be send to most search engine and your blog can be crawl by others around world. Get it done now!

How To Add Recent Comment Widget on Blogger

Sometimes you didn't noticed if someone comment on your blog. So, let put recent comment widget on your blog. This widget is using widget feeds.

How To Create Your Own Link Badge

Link badge is a good tool to spread your site. Create your own link badge and exchange it with other site or friends. With link badge, you can get more traffic. So, here we go.

How To Steal the Ball Easily From the Opponent in PES 2011

#This is tips for Novice.

In PES 2011, it is really hard to get the ball from the opponent's leg. Your player also like to hold than steal the ball from the opponent. The opponent can make a very accurate pass when your defender are keep holding on. So, this is a few tips to steal the ball easily from the opponent.

How to steal the ball :
  • Press X button and hold it.
  • When your player are closer to the opponent, release the X button. Your player will try to steal the ball from opponent's leg. If you don't get the ball, hold the X button again.
  • To steal it easily, make sure to direct your directional button facing the opponent goal post.
  • Hold X button, diagonal button facing opponent goal post, and release X button to steal the ball. Repeat it until you get the ball.

Hope the tips can help you. 

How To Turn Off or Disable AVG Antivirus 8.5

With an anti-virus, sometimes we having difficulty getting a program to work and it says you may want to try turning off any firewalls/anti-virus programs. So, let's learn how to disable or deactivate it. Here we go.

How To Take Penalty In PES 2011 (Tutorial)

In PES 2010, HTH also have a post about How To Take a Penalty in PES 2010. Now, you can learn how to take penalty in PES 2011. It's quite hard, but it's interesting. Follow this tutorial made by MII2o90.

Can you take it? Score it dude.

credits: MII2o90

How To Use Link Feints In PES 2011 [Tutorial]

In Pro Evolution Soccer 2011, a lot of new options and look so nice and we can feel a real football game. There is an options called LINK FEINTS which is a option to link a feint. You can link 4 feint in one step. It is fun and so adorable.  Make your own feint. You can create a new own link feint. PES 2011 comes with a better game and fit with the tagline "Engineered for Freedom". Just follow this tutorial how to link feints.

Hope it help you to use this LINK FEINTS option and make your own feints. Show some skill in your game dude.

credits: MII2o90 & MAREMAS

How To Create a Free PAYPAL Account

Before we get started, do you know what is Paypal? PayPal is a system for making and receiving payments for an individual or business with an e-mail verifiable. PayPal is an e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. PayPal serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods such as checks and money orders. Let's start!!

  • Click PayPal
  • Click "Sign Up Today!"
  • In "Select the country or region where you live" - Choose your country
  • Under "Choose your language preference" - choose your language preference.
  • Then choose a type of plan that suits your needs ( we prefer you to choose PERSONAL) and click on "Start Now".
  • On the next screen fill out the form data and click "I agree. Create my account"
  • Now fill in the details of your international credit card.
  • If you do not have a Credit Card click "Cancel" and Ready! Your free account is created.
Sign Up here now!! 

Advantages of the PayPal system:
  • Buy at many sites over the world, without worry, a good example would be eBay, very famous site, online shopping, which accepts PayPal to receive payments, receive donations.
  • Pay with Visa, Master Card, American Express and others.
  • As an advantage this system gives you the possibility to do your shopping in thousands of international companies without having to disclose the details of your credit card company any more than PAYPAL.
  • It also has a history of movements that can consult at any time.

Sign Up here now!! 

Go online shopping with your PAYPAL account!! :)

credit: pedrog

How To Select All Friends In Facebook

If you want to invite all your friends in Facebook,  you need to select one by one until you selected all of your friend. It can be tedious. So here's a quick javascript to select all your friends in Facebook so you can invite them all in one quick motion.

How To Make Your Own Air-Conditioner

Nowadays, it's getting hot (actually Asia). This situation make us sweat and feel uncomfortable. If your home has an air-cond, well it's good because you always feel cool. But if you don't have an air-cond, this is How-To make your own Air-Conditioner. And you only need a few bucks to made it! Let's go!!

How To Save as PDF With Microsoft Office 2007

Some of our work in Microsoft Word 2007, we want to save as pdf file but with Microsoft Office we can't save as pdf file. All you need is 2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS. So, this is the How-To @ HOW-TO HOUSE.

How To Make 3D Glasses / Spectacles

Now, 3D is getting popular again. So, How-To House will help you to make your own 3D glasses. It's easy and simple. Everybody can make it. So, don't waste your time guys. Let's start!! 

Funny Bug in PES 2010

 Just for fun for PES lover. Check this funny bug. It's hilarious.

Ronaldo Sink Into The Field

Messi Broke His Arm

And More Bugs!!! 

This is just for fun. Every game has a bugs. Hopefully Konami noticed it and fix it. 

How to Format Your Nokia Phones

Now,you can format your own Nokia by yourself. If your phone have a problem  like attacked by virus, slowed terribly and you keep getting system error messages. Format your phone with this tricks. This tricks are available to Nokia Symbian Series 60-based phones. Nokia Symbian Series 60-based phones have a copy of the OS present in the built-in ROM. When you format the phone, the OS gets restored from the ROM to the phone memory overwriting the existing setup. Let's go...

How To Speed Up Your PC System [Tips & Tricks]

Sometimes our PC are running so slow because of too many program are running at one time or too many program running at start-up. If you run many program, it will use your RAM. This will cause your PC running slow. So, HOW-TO HOUSE have a tricks to speed up your PC system. Here we go :

How To Do Skills In PES 2010 [Tutorial]

Sometimes we want to make a skills to show our style in playing game like PES 2010 but the problem is, we don't know how to do the tricks. So, this is some skills you can practice in PES 2010 to beat your friends. Learn how to do skills in PES 2010. Enjoy!

How To Watch Youtube And Dailymotion In Windows 7 Media Center

Are you like to browse any video from Youtube? or like to watch video from Dailymotion? Have you been looking for a way to watch your favorite viral videos from YouTube and Dailymotion from the couch? This is HOW-TO watch Youtube just use plugin which allows you to watch streaming video in Windows 7 Media Center.

How To Change Your PES 2010 Background [Tutorial]

Maybe you are bored with your PES 2010 Menu. You feels like want to replace it with other pictures or your own image. You can do it by follow this tutorial. You can edit any of the Menu pictures by your own taste. You will need software called Game Graphic Studio to edit all this things. So, let's begin. 

How To Solve Rubik's Cube [Tutorial]

The Rubik's Cube is a 3-D mechanical puzzle invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture ErnÅ‘ Rubik. Actually, it's originally called the "Magic Cube", the puzzle was licensed by Rubik to be sold by Ideal Toys in 1980. This cube also won the German Game of the Year special award for Best Puzzle that year. As of January 2009, 350 million cubes have sold worldwide making it the world's top-selling puzzle game. It is widely considered to be the world's best-selling toy. 

How To Add Disk Cleanup to the Right-Click Menu

Disk Cleanup is a tool to clean up your disk from any unwanted file. Disk Cleanup help your PC o  run faster and smooth. But normally when you want to access the Disk Cleanup tool, you usually have to either find it through the start menu, or open up the drive properties window. Instead of going through all that, we can use a simple registry hack to add a menu item to the drive right-click menu. So now you only simply right click and choose Disk Cleanup. Follow this HOW-TO.

How To Rip DVDs with VLC

VLC 1.0 allows you to record DVDs to your computer.  There is also an overlooked feature in VLC that allows you to rip your DVDs as well.  So, do you want to rip your DVD's without using any special software. All you need is VLC 1.0. This is HOW-TO rip DVD movies with VLC for Windows.

Note: This feature should work with VLC versions 0.9.6 and up.

How To Avoid Porn Material From Your PC

How to avoid your son from any porn material like porn videos, websites? Porn materials is not good for anyone. It's bad and can cause a worst thing. So, if you don't want any porn material from your PC or your children's computer, try to use this tool to track any porn materials. It's called ANTI-PORN.

How To Take Capture a Photo of Your Whole Desktop

Want to show a friend your desktop? What about grabing a game picture? Or want to take any picture of your desktop? And then taking a picture of the internet. Now, you can take any picture on your desktop. This is how to take a photo without using special hardware or software computer programs. Just a simple trick. Here we go.

How To Take a Free Kick in PES 2010 [Tutorial]

When you got a free-kick in front of the penalty box, you are willing to score a goal just like Ronaldinho, Beckham, C. Ronaldo or Roberto Carlos. You feel like you want to score a nice goal like them. But to do that, you need to know how to take the free-kick perfect with high accuracy. Take your little time to learn how-to take a perfect free-kick in PES 2010.

How To Enable Task Manager and Folder Options

If your computer attacked by virus, sometimes it will harm your Task Manager or Folder Options. If your Task Manager or Folder Options are gone, you're facing many problem . In order to fix this problem, you will need a tool called Remove Restriction Tool (RRT). RRT is a set of handy tools that scans, remove and re-enables all what a virus had previously disabled your System Restrictions

How To Make PC Game Smooth, Fast and Without Lag

Sometimes your game going so slow because of too many programs are running in your PC system. If your game lag, it will make us angry and disappointed. So, HTH have a trick to stabilize your PC game to make it run in high priority. It's just a simple trick. Easy and simple. Let's start.

How To Boost Your SEO Title Tags in Blogger

"Title tags" is the title of the post. With the default tags, it displays the blog name first and then your Post Title. It was not a good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) monitoring. What you need is change your title tags on HTML.

How To Shoot a Penalty in PES 2010 [Tutorial]

In Pro Evolution Soccer (PES)  2010, penalty shoot-out was so different in new system. This new way to take a penalty kick need you to concentrate and hardly focus. It is so difficult to score a penalty. You need to know the skill to kick the ball which is balance between shoot power and direction. So, this is how to take a penalty guide in PES 2010. Pay attention guys!!

How To Add Recent Post Widget on Blogspot

This Recent Posts Widget  displays your recent post titles and their summaries. You can customize this widget such as number of posts display, and summary.This widget will help your visitor get instant link to the your posts. 

How To Hack Rapidshare

Rapidshare is the most popular storage site to upload and share a huge file. It also a very secure to all it's content. So, if you want to hack Rapidshare, this is one of the method. This is how to hack Rapidshare.