How to Add an Invite Friends Box to Your Fan Page [ FBML Tutorial ]

The best feature that Facebook has that any business can take advantage of, is the ability to allow your visors, customers, fan to share their interest in your company/brand/product with their friends. This ability to virally share can be leveraged to encourage your “fans” to “share” your fan page with others through the Facebook “multi-select” box. This can be implemented entirely within static FBML with just a few short lines of code.  The multi-select box will show the current users friend list, allowing them to select who they want to share the fan-page with when they click send. We recommend placing this box on a contest, call to action or “share” tab.

How To Take Screen Capture of Webpages in Firefox

The easiest way to take a screenshot of a Firefox window is to press the Print Screen key. This screen picture is copied to the Clipboard which can then be pasted in any graphic editor. But the Prnt Scrn key approach is quite limited since you cannot take screen captures of selected regions or a screenshot of a long webpage that scrolls across multiple pages.

Fortunately, there are some excellent screen capture extensions (.xpi) for Firefox that eliminate the need of third-party apps.

How To Send Your Blog URL to Search Engine

You want your blog can be crawl by others using search engine such as google, bing, and else? Send your URL here at Freewebsubmission URL submitter. Put your URL into this Submitter. So, you blog will be send to most search engine and your blog can be crawl by others around world. Get it done now!

How To Add Recent Comment Widget on Blogger

Sometimes you didn't noticed if someone comment on your blog. So, let put recent comment widget on your blog. This widget is using widget feeds.