How To Make Vista Look Like Windows 7 ( Free & Easy )

Getting tired of the look of your Vista desktop? Want to change your desktop look? Maybe it's Windows 7. By using Visual Style, a Wallpaper change, a simple change to your Sidebar and a small registry change, you can have your Vista looking like the Windows 7 interface. Your Vista transform to Windows 7. It's FREE & EASY!!

  • This transformation need Tune Up Utilities installed in your PC to make it easy to change your themes. Get it here.
Let's start. Follow these steps :

How To Make a 3 Column Template on Blogspot

If you feel boring with your 2 column blog template and want to make it to 3 column template. HOW-TO HOUSE will bring you the tutorial here. Well, let's get started, "How To Make a 3 Column Template on Blogspot''.

Let's start :
  • Go to the Settings tab > Permission tab. Change blog permissions and restrict it. So only authors can see it as we don't want anyone viewing it while you coding your blog page.

How To Play Old Nintendo Game on Your PC

Are you still remember old game? Game like Super Mario Bros and Contra is always be the best of all time for us. It's a Retro Old Timer Game. Never gonna forget it.  Are you miss them? Are you love them? You want to play this Old Nintendo game on your PC? This is "How To Play Old Game on Your PC ". Follow these steps :

»  If you want to play this game on your PC, all you need is NESTER.
» You can play any of this old game file. You can download them.
» This tool support USB controller or USB Joystick. You can configure it yourself.
» You can play Super Mario, Contra, Bomberman, Mappyland, Tetris and many more game AGAIN!!..:)
» Run Nester
» File > Open ROM > Choose .nes file you want to play.
» Done. Enjoy the game!!!!

 Download NESTER :

Download the most popular NESTER games here :

Rom requested : Sonic but can't find sonic for you. 
We've got Sonic Mario for you. 

Now you can fill up your day with your 'best of all time favorite' game. Enjoy!!!!

* You can request any game you want or other emulator. Just leave your comment.

How to Submit Blog URL to Search Engine

You want more traffic for your site? How do you get incoming Traffic? Do you want to submit your blog URL to search engine easily? If you want to get a good Traffic quickly, submitting your blog to search engine is the good point. Just follow these link below for submitting your blog to search engine. It will submit your blog URL to more 40 Major Search Engines automatically and you know what? It's free. Here it is.....

How To Change Blog Template

Nice template is a special things for your blog. Nice templates will affect and attract your visitors or viewers. Make your visitors feel comfort and come back again to your blog with beautiful template beside good articles. To change your templates.

How To Create a Blog

This post is for a new blogger. If you interested, follow this tutorial.


USB Port Won't Work : How To Fix It

USB is great when it works, but as you're experiencing, it can still be a pain when it doesn't. If this problem happens to you, it's so frustrating. When USB port problem happens to you, calm down. This is how to fix it. Actually, it's easy to fix it. Follow this solution.

How To Delete Virus or Unwanted File (using Command Prompt)

There is a various type of viruses on the net. Sometimes, we just can't delete a virus using our anti-virus. Virus will always be our PC enemy. So, this is how to delete virus or unwanted file manually. Watch this tutorial.

How To Convert URL Website To PDF File

How To convert URL Website To PDF File? There is many ways to convert various kinds of files such as word, excel, etc. into a PDF file. You can use converter software, but also convert it online. But how to convert website URL into PDF files?  

How to Recover Permanent Deleted Files

You deleted your file accidentally? You want to get the files back? Don't worry. HH bring you good news: you can get all those back, free of charge. his is how to recover your deleted files. Follow these steps :

How To Format PC Using a USB Drive

Need to format PC but have some problem with damaged CD ROM drive? Well the solution is very easy. All you require is a USB Flash drive and a computer with a working CD ROM drive. There are some tools you will require.This tutorial will help you to install XP in them as well.
There are various steps to the above procedure and you must follow each step.
Before we begin download and unzip the following file:

How To Record Video From Your Computer Screen

You can create videos of games or programs that are in your screen. You will need DEBUT cam software.

Download this software below. After downloaded, install it. Once the installation is finish, you're ready to use it.

How To Increase Your PC Speed

We always get frustrating when our PC work slow. But now on, HTH will help you to increase your PC speed. All you need is TUNE UP UTILITIES 2010.

How To Make Windows VISTA Genuine (All Version)

If you have a problem to activate your Vista (Business, Home Premium, Ultimate). HTH provide you how to make it genuine. All you need is this.  

Vista Genuine Activator

How To Open RAR or Zip File

To open it, you need WinRAR. WinRAR is a compression program for Windows 32 bit and 64 bit is able to match its competitors with its superiority in the field of compression. WinRAR supports many popular compression formats like RAR, ZIP, CAB, ARJ, LZH, ACE, TAR, GZIP, uue, ISO, bzip2, Z and 7-Zip. Winrar also split file  into several parts with ease.Winrar out the latest version of Winrar 3.90 Final. In this version there are some improvements on the bugs.

HOW TO FIX : "This copy of Microsoft office is not Genuine"

This copy of Microsoft office is not Genuine happen because of Windows update. For this problem is update KB949810. Once installed KB949810 verifies your product key number and if it finds the product key number illegal or pirated, it will start showing a “This copy of Microsoft Office is not genuine“ notification in your system tray area along with at splash screen whenever you try using Office programs.

How To Restore Deleted Recycle Bin On Desktop

Recycle bin deleted accidentally? This is how to restore recycle bin.

Follow these steps :
  • On desktop, Right click & go to Personalize.
  • On left top click Change desktop icon.
  • Tick item that you want to put on desktop.
Hope this help you.

    How To Football FREE Live Streaming

    Football is most popular sport in the world. Football is a No. 1 sport in the world. There is many popular league around the world. But don't know where to watch it? How to watch football match live on internet?

    How To Put Movies On PSP

    Sony PSP can't play MPEG-4 video encoded with bit rate higher than 768kbps that is why high quality MPEG-4 files need to be converted to a lower bit rate. The PSP will not recognize MPEG-4 video file unless it has a name in the format of M4V10001.MP4. The file needs to start with M4V followed by five numbers, and then it must end in .MP4. 

    For an MPEG-4 file that have been specially formatted for the Sony PSP, there will usually be the .THM file alongside it. If your movie file has a name of M4V10001.MP4, then there should be the file with the name M4V10001.THM alongside it. The THM file is a simple 160x120 thumbnail saved in JPEG format at 72dpi that is associated with the video file. As long as the name of the THM file is the same as the MP4 file, this picture will be displayed alongside the video file in the Video interface of your Sony PSP .

    Version 2.0 of the Sony PSP firmware added support for another video file format: MPEG-4 AVC. These files follow a similar naming convention to the regular .MP4 files, as they are named MAQxxxxx.MP4, where xxxxx is five numbers. AVC video files offer better image quality then regular MPEG-4 files.

    Transfer movies to PSP

    To transfer movies or other videos to PSP you need to convert video to Sony PSP movie (.MP4 file). PSP video converters like AVS Video Converter are capable of converting almost all popular video such as DVD, VCD, SVCD, MOV, RM, MPEG, WMV, 3GP, AVI to PSP video .MP4 format (H.264/MPEG-4). After that you need to put videos to PSP.

    How to copy/upload/put videos to PSP

    1. Connect your Sony PSP to your computer.
    2. Once the Memory Stick shows up on your computer, create a new folder in the root directory of the Memory Stick, called MP_ROOT.
    3. Inside the MP_ROOT folder, create another folder called 101MNV01 or 100MNV01. Whichever name you go with, this folder is where all of your MPEG-4 videos must go.
    4. Transfer/Put/Upload/Copy some videos into either /MP_ROOT/100MNV01/ or /MP_ROOT/ 101MNV01/.
    5. Disconnect your Sony PSP from your computer.
    Done! You can watch your favorite movie in PSP.

    How To Break Large File Into Several Small Files

    How to break a large file into several small files is easy. Follow HTH. To break a big file, we need a software called File Chunk.

    FACEBOOK : How To Change Your Password

    If you think that someone else already knows your password, or if you’ve think that the current one just isn’t secure enough, you should change your Facebook password. Following these steps, you can accomplish this quickly and easily.

    1. Go to Facebook and login to your account.

    2. Go to the right side of the menu bar and select Settings.

    3. The My Account page will appear. On the Settings tab, go to the Password section and select the change link.

    4. Input your Old Password (the current one). Input your New Password and input it once again to Confirm it.

     You're done!

    How To Uninstall Program Completely Including Registry

    Total Uninstall is a utility program that is almost the same as add / remove programs windows innate. The difference, Total uninstall can remove the program completely and totally clean up the roots. Not like add / remove programs windows leaving luggage in the windows registry. Therefore, Total Uninstall is the best solution for uninstalling a program. But when we run uninstall process, we have a little wait for the process of analyzing a fairly time-consuming. Here are the full features of Total Uninstall :
    • Accurate analyze existing installations and create a log with installation changes.
    • Monitor changes from registry and file system for new installations.
    • Uninstall completely and thoroughly analyzed or monitored programs.
    • List without delay installed or monitored programs and with appropriate icons.
    • Organize in groups installed or monitored programs.
    • Find the program to uninstall by keyword quickly and easily. (Registered Version)
    • Summary and detailed information for each installed or monitored program.
    • User configurable views of the detected changes.
    • It shows a detailed uninstall log.
    • Powerful search in detected changes.
    • Standalone and low resource usage agent for notification of running installation programs
    • Export registry changes for install or uninstall
    • Export installed or monitored programs list to file
    • Export to file or print detected changes
    • View and apply pending file rename operations without restart.

      Download here : 

      To find a serials and crack, use this tools.

      How To Disable NOKIA N78 Camera Shutter Sound

      How to remove Nokia N78 camera shutter sound. Make it Mute. Nokia N78 owners have a problem to remove camera shutter sound. But do not worry, HH will provide guidance to solve this problem. 

      How to make : USB fan

      It is important to make your laptop always in cool condition. So, you need is USB fan for cooling your laptop. It's also can cooling your hot drink. So, today i will let everybody to make your own USB fan. Use your creativity  like in this video..
      CEKITAUT (check it out)

      How To Remove Voice From MP3 (No software needed)

      Want to sing a song? but can't remove the voice. Follow this HOW-TO tutorial.
      • Right click >  Personalize > Sounds > Playback tab > double click Speakers
      • Go to Enhancement tab > tick Voice cancellation > OK.
      • READY to sing a song!

      How To Make Post Always On Top Of The Page

      Post always on top trick. Posts are sequenced chronologically, with newer posts appearing at the top. If you want a particular post to be always at the top or they called sticky post, you will have to play with the dates. When you create that sticky post, at the bottom, click POST AND COMMENT OPTIONS, then predate your post to the latest possible, as shown in the screenshot.

      How To Change Windows Start-Up Screen

      We will be bored when we see the same thing repeatedly, as well as windows start-up screen. So how to change the windows start-up screen? Here is the one of the solution.

      Internet provide us with various software. Including what the 1 called Tune Up Utilities. It has various functions such as optimize the computer system, Defragment, clean the registry, and includes change start-up screen.

      How To Cook Instant Noodle And Remove Wax

      Each instant noodles have wax in it and we all know that wax can cause a fatal disease of cancer.

      Wax require 3 days to digested, then we must know how to cook noodles and remove the wax. So, HTH will give you How-To cook and remove  wax from the instant noodle.

      Yahoo Messenger Problem. How To See Word In The Chat Box

      This is the new problem Yahoo Messenger user facing. The problem is cannot see what we type in chat box. Don't worry guys.HTH just found the solution and it's worked.

      Follow this steps :

      How To Hide Your Secret Folder

      Everyone had their own secret, also on the PC. So, i will guide you how to hide your secret folder. Basically, we can use Show Hidden file or Do Not Show Hidden File in folder options but everybody already know about that.

      You will use this to hide your secret folder. ------>  Hide Folder v.2.2 : -

      How To Make Your FIREFOX Looks Nice and Cool

      To make your Firefox look COOL, all you need is just an add-on PERSONAS.

      How To Renew IP Address

      Local area connection shows limited connectivity problem? Want to renew IP address? This is HOW-TO renew your IP address. Follow these easy steps :

      How To Create An Animated GIF Using Photoshop

      Create your very own animated GIF using Photoshop. Just follow these easy  steps :

      How to Upgrade Windows Vista to Windows 7

      Depending on your hardware and your current edition of Windows Vista, you can use the Upgrade option during Windows 7 installation to upgrade from Windows Vista to a corresponding or higher edition of Windows 7. Upgrading is the most convenient way to get Windows 7 on your computer, because it keeps your files, settings, and programs from Windows Vista in place. There are 2 ways to Upgrade Windows Vista to Windows 7.

      1. Upgrade Installation
      2. Custom ( Advanced ) Installation.

      How To Make Money On The Internet

      Whether you have a blog or without a blog, this a list of 13 monetization methods which you can make money online :

      1) Affiliate Program
      Affiliate program is a way where you can make money online by selling others’ products or referring someone to join an affiliate program under your affiliate link. In my opinion and from what I observed, article marketing helps a lot in making money online from affiliate program. Of course, you need to know a little bit of marketing strategies to promote your product as well. You can make money online from these affiliate programs such as ClickBank, Chitika, T3Leads, Logical Media, etc.

      2) Advertisement Network
      This is one of the most popular way that people use to make money with their blogs. There are many advertisement networks out there, the most popular and well known PPC network will be Google Adsense, other advertisement networks such as Adbrite, Bidvertiser, Nuffnang, etc. Let’s take Google Adsense as a sample, you just have to display the ads on your blog, if there is someone click on the ads, you’ll be getting paid for a rate from range of $0.01 to $5.00 per click, it depends on what keyword you’re optimizing for and how much advertiser pays for it.

      3) Selling Banner Ads
      It’s a simple monetization method that you can actually make a lot of money by selling ad spot on your blog. I was getting paid by BuySellAds months ago and I found it quite interesting. In order to make money online by selling ad spot on your blog, you need to register with the company and they will do the rest for you such as getting advertisers and making payment. As long as your blog has huge traffics and better rank (Alexa, Pagerank, etc), you just need to sit down and wait for the money to float into your paypal account.

      4) Private Ad Sales
      This is what most of the bloggers will do on their blogs, such as selling banner ads, selling text link, or writing sponsored review. In order to make money online by doing private ad sales, you have to create a killer “Advertise” page on your blog to let people know that you’re actually selling ad spot on your blog. Before you can do this, you need to increase your blog traffics especially targeted organic traffics. Also, the advertising rate must be reasonable. Otherwise, you’ll not be able to make even a penny. You can either waiting advertiser to approach to you or you go and ask them whether they would like to advertise in your blog.

      5) Selling Own Product
      Instead of selling others’ products, you can also make money online by selling your own product such as ebook, blogging tool, software, or something that you can build by yourselves. Writing useful ebook will be a good one because you earn 100% profit without any investment. Nevertheless, you need to write something that really helps people and interesting in the ebook, otherwise you’ll not be getting any sales. Also, I recommend you to offer people a 100% money back guarantee.

      6) Writing Paid Post
      Paid post means that advertiser is paying you a flat rate and asking you to write about their products in your blog, you need to insert their links in the blog post as well. Years ago, writing paid post was very famous and was the most popular monetization method for all the bloggers. But many people quit it because of the penalization of PR from Google due to the outgoing links that were requested by the advertiser. There is few companies that pay you for writing paid post such as Pay-Per-Post, SponsoredReviews, SocialSpark, etc.

      7) Selling Domain Names
      In order to make money online by selling domain names, you may need to put some efforts in promoting your business. In my opinion, you can actually telling your friends around you and asking them to look for you if they want to buy domain names. You can also offer them an attractive price or give them free gift such as ebook if they buy domain names from you. If you do like to do some investment, you can actually buy some profitable or potential domain names and sell it at a higher price. However, there is a risk because you may lose money if you’re not able to sell that domain name. You can join GoDaddy’s affiliate program to start selling domain names.

      8) Providing Services
      Many people make use of their skills and knowledge to make money online. You can actually help people to design a web page, create Wordpress Themes, setting up website, SEO services, proofread articles, etc. As long as you’re having some skills and expert in your field, then you can make money online with your skills because there are many people out there looking for services like these. Be sure you have a blog or website to tell people about your services, it’s to make people feel confident with your services.

      9) Freelance Writer
      If you’re a writer and having good writing skills, you can actually make money online being a freelance writer. Many people out there are looking for writer to help them write SEO articles in topic that they’re not familiar with. You can actually promote your services in CraigsList and wait people to contact you. I believe that you can easily make few hundred bucks a month by being a freelance writer.

      10) Advertorial
      Advertorial is another monetization method which a company is running a campaign and asking you to write about the campaign, the purpose is to create awareness for the campaign. I’d get involved in advertorial in the past, a company hired me for 6 months to write about their campaign, they paid me a flat rate every month. The differences between paid post and advertorial is the company doesn’t require you to insert any outgoing link in the blog post, this is the reason I like advertorial instead of paid post. Thus there is not much company offering this job for blogger, I have no idea where to get it too, we can only wait for the company to hire us.

      11) Doing Online Surveys
      Instead of making money online with a blog, you can also make money online without having a blog. Make money online doing online surveys is a popular way for starter or beginner who first step into make money online field to make money. It’s simple to earn money by doing online surveys, you just have to fill in the survey forms that are offered by the company, you’ll be getting paid for a completed survey form. It’s a legitimate way to make money online. Not all the online survey companies pay well, some of them even don’t pay or they’re scam. Thus you have to be careful and read the reviews of the company on the internet, you can try if there was someone had been getting paid by the company before. Also, you can read my previous article about online surveys for some ideas.

      12) Joining Blog Contest
      As you know, many people run a blog contest on their blogs to get more traffics, backlinks and etc. Many blog contests out there are giving out attractive prizes and cash prize for the winners, so you can actually join the blog contests and stand a chance to win the cash prize. Thus it’s not a 100% “get paid” way to make money online, but it’s fun and interesting to join. I’d won a cash prize of $42 in a blog contest months ago, I’d written a blog post about “5 Tips How To Look For Blog Contest And Making Money Online” too, you can read it and getting start now.

      13) Participating And Posting In Forums
      This was a monetization method that I’d discussed in my previous article about “How To Make Fast Money With Forum“. I found it quite interesting to make money in forums, you just have to participate the discussions in the forum, you will get paid by leaving honor comments. I found it quite interesting because we can share experiences and get new friends in the forum. You’re not required to own a blog, you just have to register with the forum, leaving honor comments, and you get paid!

      These are all the ways where you can actually make money on the internet with a blog or without a blog. I’d made quite a lot of money from my blogs and I love what I’m doing right now. Make money online can be interesting and fun.

      Hope you all gain a lot of MONEY.  You should learn how to make money on the internet now!

      How To Lose Weight : Just 2 Steps

      Actually, its not easy to lose weight. But, if you do it with discipline and motivation, it's going to be easy. So, this is 2 big steps to start to lose weight.


      Assalamualaikum & Hello!!!

      Today HOW-TO HOUSE will start to help the world in the world of HOW-TO. From now on, HOW-T0 HOUSE hope we will have fun and hope we can share EVERYTHING in this BLOG world. One LOVE!!