How To Change Desktop Wallpaper Randomly

The chargeless wallpaper banker that rotates your desktop automatically. AnyWallpaper is a wallpaper banker that helps you to change wallpapers on a approved base automatically. All you accept to do is abacus some folders absolute wallpaper files, and selecting a few options such as wallpaper change abundance and wallpaper position on the desktop. After that, sit back and relax! You will see your desktop change automatically.

How To Lose A Big Stomach

You want to decrease your stomach? You want to make it look slim, fit and nice? Now, you can do it by follow these simple traditional steps from Japan. Easy and simple...

How To Add Top of Page Floating Widget

Some blogs and webpages have a long pages that go on forever. This widget help you to go back to top in no time. As you can see, there is a small floating arrow at the bottom-right of this page. It always maintains the same position. Scroll down a little in your template, then if you click on it, it will take you to the very top of the page. Add this widget to your blog. This is "How To Add Top of Page Floating Widget".

How To Boost Up Your RAM Speed

RAMBooster monitors the bulk of RAM your arrangement is application and allows you to chargeless it up. This will let your PC run smoother and faster, and you won't accept to reboot as often. It will adviser the anamnesis at all times, and if the bulk of chargeless RAM gets too low, it will automatically addition it for you, award bare RAM and abiding it to the chargeless pool. Rambooster is a software that helps you optimize your RAM.

Right Click Won't Work : How To Enable Right Click

Sometimes, due to some viruses or worms, your system may disable the Right click context menu. It's so difficult to work with computer if there is no Right Click menu. You just can't do any work on your computer. So, for those who facing this problem,  you can use this steps . But only after removing all viruses and bugs from your computer by scanning your computer using your Anti-Virus. Otherwise, this method may not work.

How To Download Any Video like YouTube, MySpace, DailyMotion etc

This is HOW-TO grab any video from videos site with ease like YouTube, Google Video, MySpace, Dailymotion, Metacafe, iFilm and more!. You can use KeepVid to grab your favorite video. KeepVid is very easy to use. 

Follow these steps :

How To Convert PDF To Word File

You want to convert PDF file to Word file? Just use online tools to convert PDF file into word. It's just getting easier.

• Easy-to-use
• Convert any PDF file to MS Word File
• Easy to edit the PDF file content. 
Convert PDF to WORD -

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How To Protect Your Folder

If you feel want to protect  your important, KaKa Folder Encryption is a powerful and easy-to-use program for encrypting and protecting your data. You can encrypt any folder including USB disk and removable hard disk.

How To Make Windows XP Genuine

If you are XP user and you want to make you copy of Windows XP genuine, you can make your Windows XP genuine by using this tool. XP Genuine Activator easy to use....

How To Remove or Hide Time, Post Date or Author in Blogger

Some blogger don't want to show their Post date, time and author, maybe they want to make their blog look smooth and clear. So, if you want to do so, this is tips to "Hide Your Time, Post Date or Author". This method is very simple. Just find a code in Edit HTML and delete it. You can choose which part do you want to remove/hide. 

Let's start :

How To Add Related Post Widget on Blogspot

Related post widget is important widget to make your viewer can view your other post which is related with each of your posts. If you want your related post with the other post show at the bottom of each post, you can add them easily. You don't need to edit in HTML mode, just get your generate code generated by LinkWithin. LinkWithin provide you a related post widget for free.You can get it here.

How To Open Two Yahoo Messenger At The Same Time On Your PC

Yahoo Messenger is a tool to chat with our friends all around the world. Yahoo Messenger is the most popular chat tool because it's familiar and easy to use. You have two account of Yahoo Messenger? Want to open two Yahoo Messenger in the same time? Now you can do it by follow these simple steps.

How To Create Round Image Corners


You want to make your photo beautifully rounded? RoundPic  is the way to make your photo cutely rounded. You don't need to use Photoshop usually used by web designer. It's simple and save your time. Now, you can make it only in a few second. This is "HOW TO CREATE ROUND IMAGE CORNER".

Let's Start : Just 2 steps...

How to Create a Cracked Effect on Photoshop

This is an easy lesson and easy to understand. Make a cracked glass effect in Adobe Photoshop. [Screenshot] . The main tool we will use is the Craquelure Filter, to make virtual cracks image. You can use any image for this lesson, work better with reflecting image. Follow Photoshop cracked glass effect tutorial here.

 You will need :  
  1. Adobe Photoshop 5.5 --> CS3, 
  2. Mouse, 
  3. Keyboard, 
  4. An image to edit.