How To Change Back .lnk Files to Normal

The .lnk file extension refers to a shortcut link on your computer, not the actual file. This occurs when you upload the document while the file is still open or if you load the file from the Recent Files folder instead of My Documents, My Computer, or the Desktop.

This problem make you uncomfortable to use your computer. So let's fix it now.

1. Open the Registry Editor (click Windows + R, type regedit, hit enter).

2. Navigate to this registry branch:


3. Find the subkey called User Choice and delete it.

4. Close Registry Editor.

5. Reboot your PC.

Just run this tool to fix it automatically;

#Window 7
#Windiws Vista

No more .lnk files. Enjoy guys! =)

How To Bypass Survey To Continue Download in Most Website

This surveys always annoys user and make us not interested to download the file we want. It kills our interest. The site like sharecash use this surveymethod to earn some money. The surveys is look something like this:

You wanna get rid from this annoying survey? Actually it's really easy to bypass the freakin' survey. Let's know how.

All you need to do is DISABLE JAVASCRIPT.

Mozilla - Go to Options ->> Content ->> Uncheck Enable Javascript.

Same goes to other browser. Just DISABLE JAVASCRIPT.

Easy aite! Enjoy your downloads! =)

How To Add Photo Zoom in Facebook

New way to view photo in Facebook, just using zoomer add-on. No need to click the photo to view it just hover your cursor to the photo and it will be zoom to 2x size.

With this add-on, shows full image when you hover over a thumbnail or image link. Works with many sites including,,,, Google Images,, Google+,,,, and more. Let's try this add-on. It's supports Chrome & Firefox browser. Get it now!

Add-on for CHROME
Add-on for FiREFOX

• Just install the add-on
• Once it finished, restart your browser
• Hover your cursor to any photo in Facebook.


Add Super-Start into Mozilla Firefox

Super-Start also has a very intuitive interface for you to access your favorite web sites, like what SpeedDial or FastDial does. Just like in Google Chrome.

How to customize

Add Super-Start to Mozilla - SUPER-START

Enjoy this add-on for more fast browsing experience!  

Change Your Folder To Any Color in Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer is too boring? Folder Colorizer is a nifty little software that add colorize functions to any folders in Windows explorer. Color it up! Assign any color to any folder – just right-click a folder and choose “Colorize”! Supports your own colors, labels and works seamlessly with any version of Windows.

• Right click on any folders > select Colorize > Yellow, Lawn Green, Red, Blue, Silver, Violet, Sandy Brown or Aquamarine.

• You can also choose other colours that are not enabled by default. You also can pick your own color by select Color...

Folder Colorizer is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7. It also works up to Windows 8 Developer Preview.

DOWNLOAD: Folder Colorizer

Credits: Softorino