How To Create Your Own Link Badge

Link badge is a good tool to spread your site. Create your own link badge and exchange it with other site or friends. With link badge, you can get more traffic. So, here we go.

How To Steal the Ball Easily From the Opponent in PES 2011

#This is tips for Novice.

In PES 2011, it is really hard to get the ball from the opponent's leg. Your player also like to hold than steal the ball from the opponent. The opponent can make a very accurate pass when your defender are keep holding on. So, this is a few tips to steal the ball easily from the opponent.

How to steal the ball :
  • Press X button and hold it.
  • When your player are closer to the opponent, release the X button. Your player will try to steal the ball from opponent's leg. If you don't get the ball, hold the X button again.
  • To steal it easily, make sure to direct your directional button facing the opponent goal post.
  • Hold X button, diagonal button facing opponent goal post, and release X button to steal the ball. Repeat it until you get the ball.

Hope the tips can help you. 

How To Turn Off or Disable AVG Antivirus 8.5

With an anti-virus, sometimes we having difficulty getting a program to work and it says you may want to try turning off any firewalls/anti-virus programs. So, let's learn how to disable or deactivate it. Here we go.

How To Take Penalty In PES 2011 (Tutorial)

In PES 2010, HTH also have a post about How To Take a Penalty in PES 2010. Now, you can learn how to take penalty in PES 2011. It's quite hard, but it's interesting. Follow this tutorial made by MII2o90.

Can you take it? Score it dude.

credits: MII2o90

How To Use Link Feints In PES 2011 [Tutorial]

In Pro Evolution Soccer 2011, a lot of new options and look so nice and we can feel a real football game. There is an options called LINK FEINTS which is a option to link a feint. You can link 4 feint in one step. It is fun and so adorable.  Make your own feint. You can create a new own link feint. PES 2011 comes with a better game and fit with the tagline "Engineered for Freedom". Just follow this tutorial how to link feints.

Hope it help you to use this LINK FEINTS option and make your own feints. Show some skill in your game dude.

credits: MII2o90 & MAREMAS

How To Create a Free PAYPAL Account

Before we get started, do you know what is Paypal? PayPal is a system for making and receiving payments for an individual or business with an e-mail verifiable. PayPal is an e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. PayPal serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods such as checks and money orders. Let's start!!

  • Click PayPal
  • Click "Sign Up Today!"
  • In "Select the country or region where you live" - Choose your country
  • Under "Choose your language preference" - choose your language preference.
  • Then choose a type of plan that suits your needs ( we prefer you to choose PERSONAL) and click on "Start Now".
  • On the next screen fill out the form data and click "I agree. Create my account"
  • Now fill in the details of your international credit card.
  • If you do not have a Credit Card click "Cancel" and Ready! Your free account is created.
Sign Up here now!! 

Advantages of the PayPal system:
  • Buy at many sites over the world, without worry, a good example would be eBay, very famous site, online shopping, which accepts PayPal to receive payments, receive donations.
  • Pay with Visa, Master Card, American Express and others.
  • As an advantage this system gives you the possibility to do your shopping in thousands of international companies without having to disclose the details of your credit card company any more than PAYPAL.
  • It also has a history of movements that can consult at any time.

Sign Up here now!! 

Go online shopping with your PAYPAL account!! :)

credit: pedrog

How To Select All Friends In Facebook

If you want to invite all your friends in Facebook,  you need to select one by one until you selected all of your friend. It can be tedious. So here's a quick javascript to select all your friends in Facebook so you can invite them all in one quick motion.