Another Method To Remove "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)" in Blogger

Previously, HOW-TO HOUSE share a tutorial about How To Remove "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)" in Blogger. In some template, it won't work. So, you can use this method to remove or hide the "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)". You only need a simple hack code to add into your Edit HTML section. 

How To Create Free Blog with Blogger (Step-By-Step Tutorial)


Blog is short for "Web log", which is a a web application containing note or writing that are usually called "post" and displaying on the web pages. "The posts" displayed orderly based on based on the time when the writing is written and published. So when you view a blog, latest post was on top of the blog and the last pages is the first post for the blog.

How To Show Post Title Only on Your Blogger HomePage

* Updated : 26 Jan 2011 * 

Do you like to show only your blogger post title on your home page? This hack can make your homepage more look professional and shorten your homepage. It' looks like this. [screenshot]

Only title on Your Homepage
How to do it? Follow the easy steps below :

How To Fix "Cannot Find a Feed" On Blogger

Have you ever had a problem "Cannot Find a Feed" on your blog? If so, HOW-TO HOUSE will share how to correct it. You only need to add the snippet code in the HTML Edit your blog. This is a problem of Blogger users can be easily fixed. So, let's do it :

How To Partitioning or Resize Hard Drive in Windows 7

Do you want to partitioning your hard drive in windows 7 but did not know how? Or you want to resize your hard drive? It use to be the same method in windows vista. For more details, HOW-TO HOUSE will share a tutorial to partitioning and resize your hard drive in windows 7. Let's check this video.

How To Save Windows Movie Maker as HD in Windows 7

Windows 7 users have some problem to save Windows Movie Maker (WMM) video as High Definition (HD) format such as HD 1280x720, HD 1440x1080, HD 1920x1080 or HD 960x720 just like in the Windows Vista. So, HOW-TO HOUSE  want to share tutorial how to save Windows Movie Maker as HD video in Windows 7. So, let's start guys.

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How to Change Blogger Favicon on Blogspot

Do you know what is Favicon? Favicon is abbreviation for website icon. For more clearly look at the screenshot below. Change your favicon can make your blog looks more professional. If you wanna change it into your own favicon. Just follow this tutorial.

How To Add Plus Size Image Viewer in Your Blog

Want to show something new on your blog? What if you try "Plus Size Image Viewer" on your blog. Plus Size Image Viewer is an attractive method to enlarge or zoom  the image without open the new tab. Plus Size Image Viewer automatically adds a caption beneath the images of your choice that when clicked on launches a "plus size" version of the image. The enlarged image can be a different image from the original, so the former is loaded only on demand when requested. How is it works? Watch the demo below :

How To Hide Shoutbox in Blogger

Shoutbox is a very useful widget for bloggers to communicate more easily. It also important widget for blogger to pay back a visit to the visitor's blog. But do you wanna hide your shoutbox  widget? You can do it by following this tutorial. You also can add another style of shoutbox appear, How To Make Floating and Click To Appear Shoutbox.

Add Recent Post Widget in Blogger

You wanna display your recent post on the sidebar? Recent Post Widget will display your previous entries. This widget is very useful for visitors to see your entry before the entry date. If you are not using the archive widget, widgets recent post is suitable for use as a display of the previous entry. Just follow this easy steps :

How To Highlight Author Comment in Blogger

In the blogger comment form, there is nothing to distinguish whether the comments from the blog author or blog visitors. If you wanna highlight blog author comment in blogger comment form, you can highlight it by follow this tutorial provided. 

Author comment highlighted!

Just need to add a little blogger hack code. Let's start :

How Much is Your Website or Blog Worth?

You wanna know the value of your website or blog? When you want to sell you blog or website, easier to determine the proper price. LOL. 

Let's start to count your website value. You can check your website worth at BizInformation :

How To Disable Right Click in Blogger

Right click ease some of work when surfing the Internet. However, right-click make copy and paste activity of other people much easily. You actually can disable right click to keep your article from the copy paste activities. You want to disable your right click function? Just use this script. Follow this tutorial in only 3 steps.

How To Remove Image Links in Blogger

Image is an attractive decoration in an entry on your blog. But if you put too much images, it will cause your blog loading slowly. And if we click on the image, the browser continues to display that image in the new page. We have to load the page again to read the article. It will distract your blog reader. So, do you want to remove the image link in blogspot Blogger? Follow this very simple tutorial. There is 2 methods. Check it out.

Let's remove this image link.

With link
Link removed

How To Remove "Showing new post with label" in Blogger

When you select a label or when searching for something using search box on the blog, then the display will begin with the following notification :

Without it, it gives the professional look to your blog. If you want to remove it, you can follow this tutorial.

How To Display Widget on Any Specific Post Page or Home Page Only in Blogger

Does your blog have a lot of widgets? Widget will appear on your Home page and on all your Post pages. Sometimes, this widget will slow down the loading on your page. Now you can choose to display your widget on any post page your want. You will edit this widget in the Edit HTML. So, let get started.

How to find each widget code in Edit HTML section:

Each widget have a unique title. Such as Labels, Followers, Recent Comments, etc. Each unique title is an ID to the widget which you'll find in the Edit HTML. So, to edit the widget easier, give a title for your widget.

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Keep your supports to HTH guys! Heeyaa!

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How To Shorten Website URL


Do you know what is Shorten URL Generator? It is a generator that is used to shorten your long URL. The long URL sometimes difficult for our visitors to remember the website. But by using this generator, your URL will be much shorter and easier to remember. HOW-TO HOUSE share the 10+ collection of Shorten URL generator website and it's fully worked.



:: using Shorten URL generator. Let's try it!

How To Add Facebook "Dislike" Button to Facebook

We are already too familiar with the functions of facebook 'Like' button, which we 'Like'ing friend's status or comment. Wanna try something with your facebook such as a 'Dislike' button ?Only need to install add-on to your browser and you will get this Dislike button. It's called FBD (Facebook Dislike).