How To Make Your Own Air-Conditioner

Nowadays, it's getting hot (actually Asia). This situation make us sweat and feel uncomfortable. If your home has an air-cond, well it's good because you always feel cool. But if you don't have an air-cond, this is How-To make your own Air-Conditioner. And you only need a few bucks to made it! Let's go!!

How To Save as PDF With Microsoft Office 2007

Some of our work in Microsoft Word 2007, we want to save as pdf file but with Microsoft Office we can't save as pdf file. All you need is 2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS. So, this is the How-To @ HOW-TO HOUSE.

How To Make 3D Glasses / Spectacles

Now, 3D is getting popular again. So, How-To House will help you to make your own 3D glasses. It's easy and simple. Everybody can make it. So, don't waste your time guys. Let's start!!