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How To Scan Your Site or Blog From Any Virus

Are you worried about your site or blog health? If your site has a virus, people will scare to visit your site or blog and as a result your site traffic will drop! So, to check your site health and delete any virus or malicious software from your site, you can follow this method.

There are 3 free website scanning online you can use to check whether your blog infected by malicious software. Let's start check your site health.

1 - Google tools :
1. Google will gives you report about your site’s health immediately. Follow this link to check your site...

2. Change with your site name,

3. Then, copy and paste it to your browser and hit Enter. You will get a result from Google. [screenshot].

2 - AVG Online Web Page Scanner : 
1. The AVG LinkScanner Drop Zone lets you check the safety of individual web pages you are about to visit or your own web site.

2. Just  insert your website URL, then hit Scan button.

3 - Dr.WEB scanner :
1. Another method to scan your site. Using Dr.WEB scanner.
2. By simply paste your blog URL and click Scan, it will scan your site immediately.

Hope this HOW-TO help you to protect your website or blog from any virus attack or malicious software. 



  1. fantastic post,its nice & working,its nice blog.

  2. OK,ini yg ku cari..hehe..thanks you !

  3. @SheNn
    Finally u got it kan. keh3.

    Ada la jumpa virus dalam blog ko Shen?

  4. Hooray My Website is free from every where :)

  5. Using Kaspersky Antivirus for many years, and I'd recommend this product to all you.


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