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How To Make 3D Glasses / Spectacles

Now, 3D is getting popular again. So, How-To House will help you to make your own 3D glasses. It's easy and simple. Everybody can make it. So, don't waste your time guys. Let's start!! 

You will need :
  • Tape or Glue
  • Scissors
  • Red and Blue cellophane

 or you can use this blank template here.

Steps :
  • Just print out the template in A4 paper. HOW-TO HOUSE template above or the blank 3D template.
  • Cut the pieces out around the outside black lines.
  • Cut out red and Blue eye pieces.
  • Tape or glue colored cellophane to the back of the glasses to cover the eye holes.
  • Red cellophane on the left, Blue cellophane on the right.
  • Fold the flaps on the earpieces and tape or glue to the glasses like shown below.

 It will look something like this...

The Result :

    • When the glue's done drying. Explore the magical of 3D with some pictures below.

    Try it now!!!
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    1. Wow..this is so fantastic. I want to try it! :)


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