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How To Steal the Ball Easily From the Opponent in PES 2011

#This is tips for Novice.

In PES 2011, it is really hard to get the ball from the opponent's leg. Your player also like to hold than steal the ball from the opponent. The opponent can make a very accurate pass when your defender are keep holding on. So, this is a few tips to steal the ball easily from the opponent.

How to steal the ball :
  • Press X button and hold it.
  • When your player are closer to the opponent, release the X button. Your player will try to steal the ball from opponent's leg. If you don't get the ball, hold the X button again.
  • To steal it easily, make sure to direct your directional button facing the opponent goal post.
  • Hold X button, diagonal button facing opponent goal post, and release X button to steal the ball. Repeat it until you get the ball.

Hope the tips can help you. 


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