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How To Add Snow Effect on Blogger

Do you want to add a Falling Snow Effect at your blog. It's easy and you can have it with this very simple steps. Only in 3 steps :

1. Go to your Dashboard > Design > Page Element.

2. Add a Gadget > Add HTML/Javascript. Paste this code in it :
<script language="JavaScript" src="">


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3. Hit the save button. DONE! 

Preview it to look the Snow Effect Widget.



  1. aduiii kesian, template ku warna putih, nda nampak tu snow, ekekeke, ada cara ka boss mo tukar warna background? aku try ubah, error jak keluar. :(

  2. @Azura Ani Salaim
    boleh ba tukar background..ko pkai default blogger template atau customizetemplate? atau ko pkai disco background :a

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

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