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How To Add Image Magnifier in Blogger

This the creative hack to enlarge or zoom image in blogger. With this hack, you will be able to zoom in the image in blogger by clicking on the image. It's a simple hack. Only need a few steps to add it into your blog.

1. Go to your Dashboard >> Design >> Edit HTML.

2. Search this code (Ctrl + F), </body>

3. Copy and paste this just CODE above </body> tag.

4. Save your template.

How to apply Image Magnify:

1. Add this class="magnify" data-magnifyby="1.5"  on each image you want to magnify. 

2. You need to go to Edit HTML section instead of Compose section. Example :
<img class="magnify" data-magnifyby="1.5" src="Image URL" />
3. Finish.

Nice and easy. :)

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