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How to Change Blogger Favicon on Blogspot

Do you know what is Favicon? Favicon is abbreviation for website icon. For more clearly look at the screenshot below. Change your favicon can make your blog looks more professional. If you wanna change it into your own favicon. Just follow this tutorial.

1. Upload your Image (JPG, PNG, GIF) to

2. It's totally FREE. No registration needed. Just upload your image directly and generate it.

3. When you finish uploaded, copy the generated code.

4. Then, go to your Blogger Dashboard >> Design >> Edit HTML.

5. Find (Ctrl + F) </head> tag , then paste the code below it.

5. Also, you can host yourself your favicon.ico. Change the ico URL with your hosted icon.

6. Just copy the code below, paste it below </head> tag
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="YOUR HOSTED FAVICON.ICO URL" />

7. Save & DONE!

How is it? Nice and simple. All the best guys! 


  1. kenape blog ne sendiri tdk ubah icon.. :p

  2. @نور لَيْلَى
    Kamu mesti gunakan browser Google Chrome ni kan. Ehehehe

    Trick ni mjadi pada Firefox browser. :a

  3. bro berapa size square supaya icon tu menjadi huhu tak jelas pulak imagenya kenapa tu


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