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How To Add Facebook "Dislike" Button to Facebook

We are already too familiar with the functions of facebook 'Like' button, which we 'Like'ing friend's status or comment. Wanna try something with your facebook such as a 'Dislike' button ?Only need to install add-on to your browser and you will get this Dislike button. It's called FBD (Facebook Dislike).

Facebook "Dislike" button
Example of  "Dislike" button on HTH fan page

Get it now! Install this add-on :

FBD for Mozilla Firefox

FBD for Google Chrome

You also can find the FBD on facebook, here.

:: FBD only supported the following browsers at this moment.

Note :  Dislike button is not visible by any other facebook users unless FBD installed on their computer or laptop.

If you interested with FBD, recommend it to your friends!
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  1. @Miera
    :c nakal ko miera..aku jmp add-on ni..jd apa lg..buat entri la..:k


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