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How To Make PC Game Smooth, Fast and Without Lag

Sometimes your game going so slow because of too many programs are running in your PC system. If your game lag, it will make us angry and disappointed. So, HTH have a trick to stabilize your PC game to make it run in high priority. It's just a simple trick. Easy and simple. Let's start.

@echo off
cd /d "path to folder"
start /high xxx.exe

@echo off
cd /d C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2010
start /high pes2010.exe

Isn't that easy? As simple as that. You can play your game in peace. Enjoy!!!

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  1. This TUTORIAL .. Not even fix my pc lag ... It makes the game lagger 2x than before ... ==

    1. Try to reduce your lag by the following ways.
      1.Don't open any videos,stream and check if there any problem in your router.
      2.Make sure there's no browser .exe's still running in task manager
      3.Try to contact your internet service provider and get suitable data plan.
      4.Use any software like Game Booster
      5.Move closer to server
      I am sure,if you follow the rules,you will get chance to reduce your ping rate.Finally you can check your new ping using


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