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How To Take a Free Kick in PES 2010 [Tutorial]

When you got a free-kick in front of the penalty box, you are willing to score a goal just like Ronaldinho, Beckham, C. Ronaldo or Roberto Carlos. You feel like you want to score a nice goal like them. But to do that, you need to know how to take the free-kick perfect with high accuracy. Take your little time to learn how-to take a perfect free-kick in PES 2010.
This is the tutorial. Pay attention!!

*  Xbox360 / PS3 key controls :
RB = R1
RT = R2
LB = L1
LT = L2
X = Square
Y = Triangle
B = Circle
A = X
Are you got it? Now you can beat your friends by a free-kick goal. Well Done!
#credits to:
tutorial made by maremas


  1. Are you kidding me, all you've mentioned is button labels and expect the reader to understand how to take free kick

  2. @Anonymous, watch the video to know how to take a free kick dude..


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