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How To Take Capture a Photo of Your Whole Desktop

Want to show a friend your desktop? What about grabing a game picture? Or want to take any picture of your desktop? And then taking a picture of the internet. Now, you can take any picture on your desktop. This is how to take a photo without using special hardware or software computer programs. Just a simple trick. Here we go.

Steps :
1. Go to the screen were you want to take the picture.

2. Press the "Prnt Scrn" or "Print Screen" button, it's usually above the "Insert" and "Delete" buttons.

3. Now, open Paint program. Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Paint.exe.
"Paste" it by press "ctrl + v" or Right click > Paste.

4. Then save the picture.

    * To save the picture, use the PNG picture format for a better picture quality.

    Now, you can take any photo on your computer desktop. Just by press the "Prnt Scrn" or "Print Screen" button and Paste it on Paint. That's the trick. 



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