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How To Download All Photo in Facebook Photo Album

Facebook has a function to gather photo in an album. You can add and categorize your photos by albums you want. You wanna download the photos in a photo album? Download all pictures in the photo album at once using the add-on is known as facePAD (Facebook Photo Album Downloader). You can download your own photo album, a friend or fan page. You can download photo album that you want to use facePAD.

To download the photos in Facebook Photo Album, install FacePAD add-on : 

1. Go to any photo album that you want to download, then right click on the Photo Album link, then click on "Download Album with FacePAD" option.


2. A window will pop-up asking to choose a directory/folder where you would like save the photos.

3. Then, the photo album will be downloaded. Photos will be rename according to the photo album.

note : May downloading process will hang for a second to download large file album as it searches through the Facebook album. Then, it will start downloading immediately.

Video tutorial by the Add-on creator :

Enjoy guys! 

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