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How To Save Password and Username in Mozilla Firefox

Wanna save your password and username because you want to format your computer or you have a new computer? A password will be lost if we reformat the computer or you can easily remember it. To make it easier to find or remember the password and username, HOW-TO HOUSE has two method to save it. Follow this tutorial :

Method 1 [Manual]

1. Go to My Computer

2. Go to this Directory :
C:\Users\YOUR COMPUTER NAME\AppData\Roaming

3. Copy  folder named "Mozilla". 

4. Keep the folder and put it in the same place [like above directory] after your  laptop formatted.

Method 2 [Tools]

1. Download this tool here or here.

2. Extract it.

3. Run it. It will show your USERNAME & PASSWORD DIRECTLY.

Now you can use your username and password on your formatted or new computer.

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