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Create Your Own Website Barcode (QR code)

A QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response code) is a type of matrix barcode (ortwo-dimensional code). Create link to a website with our generator and change it into a mobile barcode, which can then be scanned using a camera phone.  

Generate your site barcode/QR code using the generator below. You also can generate message, Phone number, SMS or email barcode.

How to scan and decode mobile barcodes:
Point and shoot your mobile camera phone at a mobile barcode to connect directly to a website. All you need is a barcode scanner/reader for your mobile camera phone. Some phone already got Barcode Scanner installed. For Nokia phone, you can find it :

Menu ->> Applications ->> Office ->> Barcode.

Check whether your mobilephone already has a preinstalled code reader. You can download a Barcode Scanner apps by the link below.    

Taste the technology.

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