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How To Add Featured Video with Image Thumbnail and Channel Link in YouTube Channel

Most of the Youtube users must be aware of the latest feature in Youtube Annotation. This is most recent feature introduced with the new Youtube theme. This feature allows the user to put featured video with image thumbnail on their Youtube videos. For example, look at the last 10 seconds of this video,

This has been confirmed to be the Invideo Programming feature, just recently released to all users whose accounts are in Good Standing. 

It's definitely a new type of annotation; No word yet on where they come from, or how to activate them for your channel, but there is reason to believe they could be test annotations that are planned to be added to Youtube's new Bulk Annotation feature coming by the end of this year (which Youtube announced at Vidcon was a new feature being developed).  Now, there are two types of feature, video links and channel links.  The Channel links just pulls the channel avatar as the image, while the video links pull the default thumbnail of the video.

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You can save and remove it anytime you want. This feature allows Youtube user to promote their videos widely. Youtube Thanks to the team for introducing new features that are very useful.

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