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How To Mirror Samsung Galaxy S4 on your TV

You have a Samsung Galaxy S4? Want to watch movies or share files to a larger TV screen ? It is very simple. And, as more developers support this option, mirroring can even enable you to play games on your TV while your phone acts as a controller. The S4 offers a few ways to mirror your phone's screen (not just media) onto your TV, so that whatever you see on your phone is what appears on the TV.  Depending on which accessory you use, the setup can be wired or wireless, with each solution offering its own unique benefits. Find out which scenario suits you best.

# 1: Wired
You will need, MHL Cable to HDMI Cable

# 2: Wireless
You will need, Samsung AllShare Cast Dongle


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This method also work with other Samsung mobile, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3 etc.But make sure tu use right MHL to HDMI cable for each model.
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