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How To Shorten Your Links Using Your Own Domain Name

Of course we all know about and how it can make money for us by just shortening. It works well with me. Every end of the month, will credit my earning to my Paypal account. But, for who don't have idea what is is about, read my article in the previous post just added new tool to their users which called Domain. This tool will allow you use to use your own custom domain names or sub domains with service. There are many benefits for doing this:

Website branding - if your blog is URL is, your links could now look like
Greater number of clicks - people are starting to associate an link with advertising and may not click a link for this reason.
Peace of mind - you own the domain and can download an Excel export of all of your URLs. If you were worried may disappear one day (it won't!) then you are in full control.
Low profile - in the past Twitter and other services have had problems with links. If you use a custom domain, an automated scan will not detect links on your account.

People will no more face problems with Facebook or Twitter or any other website Blocking It adds more credibility to your shortened links so your visitors, when they see your domain name, will trust it and go for it .

1. First of all, you will need account. Register for free here.

2. Then go to the Cpanel of your website => DNS Zone Editor => Add a new CNAME RECORD

3. In the Name section, enter any subdomain you want but not an existing one. In the Value*, enter the following adress

4. Save the CNAME. Now, you're done with CNAME.

5. Return to your account. Go to Tools => Domains => Create / manage domains

6. Enter your sub-domain in the box and Add Custom Domain

7. Congratz! Now, you should see your sub domain listed in the domain section. You can start making money with your

With this feature, links is look trusted and visitor has no worries to click it.

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