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How To Embed Youtube Video From Start to End at the Specific Time

There would be many a situation where you may want to just embed a Youtube video from one point to another and not the whole video. You may want to direct your readers or viewers to a certain clip of a particular video and not the whole video. You can easily chop or trim a Youtube video by making a small modification to the url. Youtube itself provides an easy way to start the video from a particular point, but the below method would help you to not only start the video but also stop at a certain point. Since this method is free and you need not download anything and is very simple to follow, let's do this!


Go to this link, Tech Tips For All

If you want to add this link in PowerPoint, just copy the above link and follow the below video.  This is also a working example for the above form. Watch the video guide below.

Yeah! It's just that easy. Leave a commenet, kindly appreciate it! :)
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