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How to Recover Permanent Deleted Files

You deleted your file accidentally? You want to get the files back? Don't worry. HH bring you good news: you can get all those back, free of charge. his is how to recover your deleted files. Follow these steps :

  1. Download and install Piriform’s Recuva software.
  2. Install it and ready to use it. Hit Recuva shortcuts on the desktop.
  3. Proceed through the setup wizard, choosing the options that correspond to the types of files you need to find/restore.

  4. When you reach the screen that says ‘Thank you, Recuva is now ready to search for your files,’ check the Enable Deep Scan checkbox, and click start. 
  5. When Recuva finishes, it will display a results screen. Find the files that you want to restore, and click the checkbox next to them in the left column. 
  6. When you’ve checked all of the files you want to restore, click the Recover button in the lower-right corner. 
  7. Then choose a location to restore the files to.
  8. You're DONE!! 

Download Recuva :
    Isn't that easy? :)
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