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How To Uninstall Program Completely Including Registry

Total Uninstall is a utility program that is almost the same as add / remove programs windows innate. The difference, Total uninstall can remove the program completely and totally clean up the roots. Not like add / remove programs windows leaving luggage in the windows registry. Therefore, Total Uninstall is the best solution for uninstalling a program. But when we run uninstall process, we have a little wait for the process of analyzing a fairly time-consuming. Here are the full features of Total Uninstall :
  • Accurate analyze existing installations and create a log with installation changes.
  • Monitor changes from registry and file system for new installations.
  • Uninstall completely and thoroughly analyzed or monitored programs.
  • List without delay installed or monitored programs and with appropriate icons.
  • Organize in groups installed or monitored programs.
  • Find the program to uninstall by keyword quickly and easily. (Registered Version)
  • Summary and detailed information for each installed or monitored program.
  • User configurable views of the detected changes.
  • It shows a detailed uninstall log.
  • Powerful search in detected changes.
  • Standalone and low resource usage agent for notification of running installation programs
  • Export registry changes for install or uninstall
  • Export installed or monitored programs list to file
  • Export to file or print detected changes
  • View and apply pending file rename operations without restart.

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