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HOW TO FIX : "This copy of Microsoft office is not Genuine"

This copy of Microsoft office is not Genuine happen because of Windows update. For this problem is update KB949810. Once installed KB949810 verifies your product key number and if it finds the product key number illegal or pirated, it will start showing a “This copy of Microsoft Office is not genuine“ notification in your system tray area along with at splash screen whenever you try using Office programs.

Microsoft does not allow people to uninstall OGA notifications, but you can easily delete and remove OGA components from your system manually. In this way, they will be automatically go inactive and you won’t see those boring “This copy of Microsoft Office is not genuine” notifications again.
  1. Close all Office applications first
  2. Go to :

    C:\Windows\System32 or
    C:\Windows\SysWow64 folder and delete the following files
         - OGAVerify.exe
         - OGAAddin.dll
  3. You are done.
* Remember to disable auto-update or KB949810 update will get installed again.



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