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USB Port Won't Work : How To Fix It

USB is great when it works, but as you're experiencing, it can still be a pain when it doesn't. If this problem happens to you, it's so frustrating. When USB port problem happens to you, calm down. This is how to fix it. Actually, it's easy to fix it. Follow this solution.

  • Go to My Computer > Right click and choose properties.
  • Click Device Manager on the left top.

  • Look for Universal Serial Bus controllers and click [+] to open it's contents.
  • On each content, right click > Uninstall each of the content until nothing left in the Universal Serial Bus controllers.
  • Close Device Manager. Restart your PC to apply the changes.
You're done. After PC restarted, your computer will install your USB hardware automatically for each port you've already uninstall. That's how to fix USB port problem



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1 comment:

  1. damn i have problem with my USB ports. i have now working only one port . and other two not. they say unpluged and Texas Instruments Root Hub won't work. i have dell inspiron N5110


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